I wish

I have a good friend who is doing drugs and I wish they'd stop

It can be very hard to watch someone you care about make bad choices. But it is also difficult to tell someone what’s best for them. People mature at different ages, and sometimes you are ready for what’s next in life, but your friends are not. 

Don’t tell them what to do, but do tell them how you will be

“I won’t be around you while you are doing drugs” is a good thing to say. You can still like the person but not like some of the choices they are making. Separate the two. It’s possible that your friend might want to stop, or they might not be there yet. 

It’s OK to like the person but not the habit.

But don’t put yourself at risk to “prove” your friendship. What kind of friend would ask you to? 

I choose

I just want to do what I want to do

We’re not going to tell you how you should live your life. We’d like to think that you, like any adult, have thought about the effect that consuming illegal drugs might have on your life and your health. And how it might affect the people you love and who love you.

I want

I want to stop taking drugs but I can’t

Help is available. People care. You can get support. 

Sometimes your choices hurt you. Sometimes your choices hurt those you care about. Sometimes the people who love you can’t bear to watch you hurt yourself. 

Making the decision to stop taking drugs can feel easy but following through can feel harder. Remember that the people that love you will support you in your decision. 

You can do this.